Red Globe

Large, round, seeded table grape with crisp, ruby red skin. Mildly sweet, crispy and flavourful. Harvest is usually from early March to late May.

Crimson Seedless

Crimson Seedless red grapes are known for their crisp, juicy, sweet and refreshing flavour. Harvest is long and goes from February to early May.

Thompson Seedless

Thompson Seedless are a medium elongated grape with a sweet flavour and crisp bite. Harvest is from mid February to late April.

Great Green

The name says it all. Fantastic mid to late season green seedless grape that comes after Thompson. A big grape that is Super crunchy with great flavour.

Melody Seedless

A fantastic mid to late season black seedless variety, which has a fantastic fruity flavour. Available March to mid May.


Ivory Seedless

An exciting new early-season variety. Large and uniform berries with a crisp texture and fantastic flavor.


Krissy Seedless

An early to mid season red seedless grape that is crunchy with an intense fruity flavour. Harvest between January to March.


Menindee Seedless

The earliest season green grape. Big ,Crunchy, sweet and great taste.

Harvest period for each variety